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    Dominique Buysschaert

    Dominique Buysschaert
    Email  :  dominique.buysschaert@celes.be
    Langues  :  Anglais - Français - Néérlandais
    Parcours  : 

    Dominique has substantial experience in civil as well as in commercial and corporate matters, focusing on solving problems through creative solutions and win-win negotiation.

    He holds a law degree from the University of Leuven (KUL1978) and was admitted to the Brussels Bar in 1978. Before joining Célès in 2014, Dominique was partner at De Backer & Associés until 1998, when he became the Secretary General of Carrefour Belgium until 2006. He then started his own business project and set up an alternative European payment scheme for cards, internet and mobile in the context of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), providing him a great expertise in European lobbying as well as good experience of business and also IT related issues. Thanks to this unique experience he has an excellent understanding of the expectations of businesses when consulting a law firm.

    Dominique is a former Member of the Council of the Dutch section of the Brussels Bar (1995-1998)

     Practice areas: Civil and commercial & corporate law, retail and distribution, dispute-resolution and mediation, negotiation and litigation.


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